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Ohme Home Pro

Introducing the Ohme Home Pro – a compact, one-of-a-kind tethered EV charger, with distinct features that have never been seen before. The Ohme Home Pro is the first EV charger to offer an interactive LCD Screen, meaning not only can you control your charger from the trusted Ohme app, but you have the capability to manage your EV charge point from the unit itself!

The Ohme Home Pro also comes with built-in PEN-protection, meaning an earth rod isn’t needed, unlike its forerunner – the Ohme Home. The Ohme app also allows you to track your CO2 consumption levels, set maximum price caps on your charging, and offers you the best-real time energy prices, meaning you can select the cheapest available.

Manage your costings, save the planet, and look good whilst you do it with the Ohme Home Pro.

  • 01 Intelligent Charging
  • 02 Charge Scheduling
  • 03 Smartphone App
  • 04 Compact design


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