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Easee One

A new release from the Norwegian brand, the Easee One is the new and improved Easee Home. With the same choice of 5 different colours, the same petite design (69% smaller compared to other EV chargers to be exact!) and the same dynamic load balancing, the One still has all the infamous Easee perks. However, this new release has been designed with the UK domestic market in mind. Some of these exciting new improvements include built-in open PEN protection, meaning no earth rod/matt-e device is needed! The Easee One brings you a more aesthetically pleasing charger and no additional costly groundwork! This speedy little charger is also 3 times faster than a regular outlet, charging as fast as possible with the available capacity from the grid.

Please note – the Easee One comes with a black cover as standard. This can be upgraded to either white, anthracite, red or blue, but this will be an additional cost of £45.

  • 01 Colour Choice
  • 02 Load Balancing
  • 03 Smartphone App
  • 04 Compact design


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