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Hypervolt Home 2.0

The Hypervolt EV charger is a sleek, innovative and ahead of the game EV charger, designed and manufactured in the UK.

Presenting smart features such as Alexa voice control, status light indicator and free over the air software updates, you have access to a unique luxury smart charger without the premium cost.

Download the free Hypervolt EV App, connect with your Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, and have complete control over how you charge your electric vehicle. Fancy taking advantage of the cheaper overnight energy tariffs? Simply use the app to schedule your charging hours! The app also allows further customisation such as LED Brightness Control,  Solar Charging and Device Lock/Unlock, plus much more.

Charge smarter and in style with the Hypervolt Home 2.0.

  • 01 Intelligent Charging
  • 02 Wifi Connectivity
  • 03 Solar Ready
  • 04 Smartphone App


Inc VAT, Fully Installed

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